Where to Buy a Bus Ticket at Malta Airport

When you arrive at Malta airport and you need transport to your accommodation you have a couple of options.

If you’re in a hurry and prefer to go directly to your accommodation then the best transport for you would be to take a taxi. You can find these outside the airport terminal.

The next mode of transport that will bring you to your hotel or accommodation would be the Malta Airport shuttle bus. These run quite regular starting from €7 per person. You can pre book your shuttle online and choose your hotel from a drop down list.

Malta airport shuttle service

Malta airport shuttle service


Another cost effective way to get to your destination is by bus. Malta has a good public transport bus network in fact it has a huge number of busses for such a small island, quite surprising considering that the island itself is home to over 340,000 cars, to the annoyance of the locals, with nearly as many cars as inhabitants.

That sounds kinda crazy really as the locals are the ones that keep the old cars on the road in the first place. And many have more than one car and on Sundays you will often see the old timers driving around or just on display roadside with admires taking a look under the hood.

Where to buy a bus ticket at Malta airport

You can buy weekly (7 day) bus ticket for unlimited travel for €21 Adult & €15 for child. Or if you’re not staying a week then a 12 ride ticket for €15 which is not date restricted. Either one will save you some euros and will also be hassle free when boarding the bus.

You must purchase these tickets before boarding the bus, you can only pay the driver for single journeys on the bus. When arriving at the airport there is a Malta Public Transport desk to the right of the big red Costa coffee place. This is where you can buy your Malta Public Transport tickets.

Malta Public Transport desk at Malta airport

Malta Public Transport desk at Malta airport


Where to catch the airport buses at Malta airport

You can also purchase these tickets from any bus station around Malta, like in Valletta or Bugibba for example. A single journey costs €1.50 regardless of distance in winter and €2 in summer. If you use your Malta Public Transport ticket and change buses within an hour of the journey then the connecting bus is also covered.

Airport bus stop for buses X1 X2 & X3

Airport bus stop for buses X1 X2 & X3


These are the best ways to get to and from Malta airport. We personally caught the bus number x3 to Bugibba when we arrived with the journey taking 83 minutes.

When we left Malta having a very early morning flight out we used the Malta airport shuttle service which we caught from the hotel that was very close to us. This journey took 60 minutes with 5 pickups on the way and cost €10 per person from Qawra to the airport. At 4am it was probably the cheapest method.

How do you find the best way to get to and from Malta airport? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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