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camino training walk

Getting Into Shape – Part #4

4th training walk — 21. July 2015 I wake up before the alarm goes off at 6am. It’s only just getting light outside and the air is already hot. I feel a little pressured this morning because we need to be back home at 8.45am to see the guys next door off before they leave […]


Getting Into Shape – Part #3

3rd training walk — 12. July 2015 The alarm goes off at 6am. It’s cold outside. The weather has cooled down remarkably in the last couple of days after last week’s heatwave. I’m tired and feel like sleeping more, but know that I have to get up if we do the walk this morning. I […]

getting into shape for the camino

Getting Into Shape

During our search for the perfect Camino packing list we came across many blogs that talk about preparing for the Camino. We figure that yes, it makes sense to do some walking and actually getting the body accustomed to surviving the whole 800km walk in 35-40 days. But somehow life and business commitments always got […]

My Camino Packing List

I searched long and hard for the perfect Camino packing list. In the end, the best advice I got was from a Facebook friend of mine @HelenZee who walked the Camino in 2014. I believe that advice is always best served when you actually know what you’re doing, so since Helen has experienced the joy and […]

how it all started

How it All Started?

Some of my most treasured childhood memories are those of me accompanying my grandparents on long weekend hikes and walks. From the early age of five they took me with them and we ventured far and wide across Switzerland on regular hikes. My grandparents belonged to a walking club and it was customary for everyone […]