Relocation Vehicle from Brisbane to Adelaide for only $131

Moni & I were looking for a cheap way to take some of our stuff from Brisbane to Adelaide. We had too much to take on a plane and not enough for a backload, with the majority quoting for a 4 cubic minimum.

Having done a relocation of a camper last December it occurred to us that we could look for a camper to return to Adelaide.

Even though it didn’t have heaps of space for boxes, we did manage to squeeze in what we needed to transport with us.

Unfortunately, the larger campers were not available around our dates however a 4wd Mecedess xterain was listed to be relocated. I filled in the required details and booked it.

The vehicle is set up to accommodate 4 passengers, it has two pop-up tents on the roof and a built-in fridge and sink, also a portable gas burner and sleeping gear.

Pull out camping stove, fridge sink etc

With all this already stowed in the vehicle, it doesn’t leave much room. I’d certainly not recommend it for a family of four from overseas with luggage to travel around. A couple from Oz with little luggage would be possible, especially if you don’t need much stuff with you.

The Mercedes was fabulous to drive, comfortable and pretty good on fuel consumption.

Our first stop was at Stanthorpe and here we opened up the rooftop tent and pulled it out which unfolded the entire tent. The sleeping space is great. You need to use the ladder to climb up and get in. Getting down is not that easy and if you’re on the larger side then this will be a problem. There is a weight limit as well so be sure to check.

Pop-up Rooftop tent on Mercedes xterrain 4wd

The biggest gripe that we had was the following morning when we needed to fold up the tent and secure it ready for driving away. Putting away the ladder and pushing the tent up is one thing…

The tent is secured with bungees all around which obviously have to be very tight. However, space for you to secure them is so small it doesn’t make it easy to complete. The edges of the tent and fastenings are rough and sharp. Maybe that’s quite normal for a setup like this, but either way, we weren’t impressed.

Having said that, the relocation service that Apollo offers is a great way to travel across Australia from major cities at a reasonable price. Our total cost of the hire including insurance was $131 Aussie dollars. Of course, we had fuel $343, accommodation $248, food $51, eating out $194 on the trip but all up it was a pretty cost-effective way to get across, plus you get to see and experience the country.

The offer of a relocation vehicle for a dollar a day is very enticing. There is a limit to the number of days you can take to complete the trip. Don’t forget the additional insurance, the cost of fuel, the cost of accommodation etc.

If driving is not quite your thing, you might want to reconsider. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to drive thousands of kilometres and the climate of this vast land.

One thing I must mention is the bond that you required to pay upfront. Bear in mind that it takes around 3 weeks to arrive back in your account, just be aware of your finances.

If all of the above is acceptable then go check out Apollo for your relocation vehicle.

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