My Camino — The Diary of an Adventurous Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Hey there, I’m Nika (John’s other half) and I am going to document our Camino adventure right from this blog’s page.

My why?

mycaminoI want to leave a real-life account of what it’s like to walk the Camino as a lifestyle entrepreneur and keep my business afloat while I hike about 20km a day over 35 or so day. Will it be challenging? You bet. I have no idea how I will cope and whether my body will play along nicely. All I know is that I have this insatiable desire to walk the Camino and experience it with my eyes, soul and spirit fully open, ready to receive. Pilgrims who have walked the Camino always say, “This is your Camino, so you do whatever feels right for you.” And that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. Although MY Camino will also be John’s Camino. He may be adding his own voice to the mix (actually, I’m sure he will blog his experience), but I intend to write this diary as it unfolds for me and include my very own (usually) private and personal thoughts into the mix.

My plan?

I plan on writing a daily account of our 800km trek and also include our training walks, how we prepare, what we pack and how we feel and fare along the way. I hope you enjoy the adventure from the comfort of your home. I will eventually put all the posts here into a beautiful book, and if you’re interested in being notified when the book is ready for sale please subscribe to our updates.

What you should know?

Since this is a personal diary, it will contain my personal views, opinions, feelings and experiences. I may be candid, emotional and sometimes opinionated. But that’s what diaries usually are. I welcome your support in the form of comments, personal emails and shares on social media. By supporting me in that way you will support anyone who currently dreams about walking the Camino one day. If I can share my story with the world and inspire others to follow in my footsteps then this unfolding story of adventure, personal discovery and spiritual awakening will all be worth every drop of sweat and every tear. With that said, I wish YOU a buen Camino. Nika xo

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