Getting Hippy with it in Nimbin

Nimbin has certain known characteristics to it. It’s a full-on Hippy town where smoking pot is an everyday thing, amongst other things.

Not really my scene one bit, but as we’re house sitting close by it was time for a visit. It was not planned I might add, we went out to see the Channon Markets as it was on this particular Sunday.

After a couple of hours at the markets, we made our way back home and the road took us through the town of Nimbin, the rest is history…

Nimbin high street NSW
Probably the most basic of traffic roundabouts in Australia

Sure enough, the town did not let us down. Plenty of pot-smoking folks, a happy lady floating down the street with no bra or undies basically a walking sheet 🙂 Lots of weird and wonderful items for sale. A mystic reader outside every other shop.

Colourful shopfronts in Nimbin

From what I could make out, a pretty peaceful town, and everyone we made contact with seemed friendly. They even have their own embassy…

Nimbin Hemp Embassy

Maybe not quite the embassy you were expecting but it’s Nimbin after all.

The most colourful Embassy ever!

I think you could find pretty much anything that is somewhat different in this town and the Mad Hattery is no exception. You wanna hat for some occasion, they’ve got it.

Nimbin Mad Hattery

I guess if you asked me to describe Nimbin in one word, it would have to be Colourful…

An artists dream town Nimbin
A colourful outdoor theatre or sitting area

I can now tick that little box next to the hippy town of Nimbin off. If you timed your visit right and arrived during one of the festivals held here I bet it’s really alive and kicking. On this afternoon it was a quiet pot filled ambient town with a splash of colour.

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