Electro Bike Tour on The Bettmeralp, Not For the Faint Hearted

During our first day on the Alp walking through the village, we chose to reserve electro bikes for today and it was now time to give them a go on the Bettmeralp.

This was our first time ever on an electro bike…

Electro bike ride on the Bettmeralp

Electro bike ride on the Bettmeralp


Day 1250 – August 3rd, 2017

Day 7 Bettmeralp

Electro bikes on the Bettmeralp

Not many photos at all today as it was certainly not easy to ride over the uneven ground and I needed to hold on.

Riders on the storm

Riders on the storm


Our first attempt at going up hill over the rough surface ended within minutes of starting. It was very difficult and without any practice I certainly didn’t feel comfortable.

Needless to say that we turned round and found a route that was more applicable to our capabilities.

Do not underestimate this challenge.

Riederalp in the distance

Riederalp in the distance


After a while we grew in confidence and completed three or four rounds of the circuit we found.

Then it was time for a coffee and classic Swiss apple tart at the Walliserstube.

Apple tart, coffee & schörle

Apple tart, coffee & schörle


After our break Moni & I made one last circuit before we returned the bikes to the store.

How much to rent electro bikes

They are not cheap to rent, and probably a half day would be enough for a first time. You can have them with full suspension, half or none.

Bike rental on the Bettmeralp

Bike rental on the Bettmeralp


Electro bike on the Alp verdict

The electro bikes certainly make it possible to get up the mountain in reasonably quick time. You still have to pedal but you don’t have that huge resistance as you would without the motor.

Using the motor does chew up the battery life quite quick. You can adjust the amount of motor power aid you want or feel the need to use. The more turbo you use the quicker the battery goes down.

The display shows how far you can possibly ride using the motor at each level.

Once I had the hang of it and gained a little experience it was really good fun. Easy to get up the gentle hills and comfortable to ride. Not sure how it would be over more rocky terrain and even going down I had to get off at times. It is one of those things that the more you ride the more confident you become, I expect that eventually I may have surprised myself and attempted some of the more riskier routes. But then again, I’m not a teenager anymore 🙂

Having ridden up and around some of the hills on the Alp I can seriously say I have huge admiration for those riders who master the downhill bike and even more of those that do it without the advantage of an electro bike.

You are the crazy ones…

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