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Speciality Dinner in The Olympic Restaurant on Celebrity Millennium

Another sea day today making our way to the next port of call being Petropavlovsk in Russia. And tonight we’re excited about dinner in the Olympic Restaurant, but before that, let’s tell you what we got up to. Day 73 – May 15th. Cruise Day 6 – At Sea After all that fog last evening, […]

What to Expect When Dining in Qsine on Celebrity Millennium

Tonight’s dining experience comes from the Qsine restaurant on Celebrity Millennium. If you don’t know what to expect when having dinner in Qsine then this post will bring you up to speed on this uniquely unordinary venue. This post continues our tour around the Celebrity Millennium  After an exciting day with the tour of the […]

Destination – A Glimpse of Muroran in Japan

After a short overnight cruise we arrive in Muroran this morning for our final destination and our last day in Japan. Day 71 – May 13th. Cruise Day 4 – Muroran, Japan. Breakfast in the restaurant this morning, before heading out to Muroran our final port of call in Japan. We docked early and have […]

Destination – A Glimpse of Hakodate in Japan

We continue with the Celebrity Millennium Cruise Review – Tour Around The Ship… Today arriving in Hakodate northern Japan, after very smooth cruising. Celebrity Millennium visits Hakodate in Japan 2014 Day 70 – May 12th. Cruise Day 3 – Hakodate, Japan. This morning we arrived in Hakodate. We made sure we had a big breakfast […]

Repositioning Cruise Japan to Vancouver on Celebrity Millennium

Today we get to start the second cruise of the Odyssey aboard the Celebrity Millennium cruising from Yokohama (Japan) to Vancouver (Canada) via Hakodate and Muroran in Japan and Petropavlovsk Kamchatka in Russia. Day 68 – May 10th, 2014. Cruise Day 1 – Boarding in Yokohama, Japan Repositioning Cruise, Japan to Vancouver on Celebrity Millennium […]