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Man Utd Draws The Biggest Crowd in US History during The Guinness International Champions Cup

Even though Man Utd Vs Real Madrid drew the biggest crowd in US history in the Guinness International Champions Cup with an attendance of 109,318, the Final against Liverpool only pulled in 51,104 fans. Day 155 – August 4th. Tonight I witnessed a game of soccer between arch rivals Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC. These two […]

The 18th Bluegrass & Beer Festival in Keystone, Summit County

The 18th Bluegrass & Beer festival is on in Keystone over this weekend and we thought we’d take a look. Day 153 – August 2nd. It’s great because we don’t need to drive home, not that we intend on drinking too much. “The 18th Bluegrass & Beer festival in Keystone” It’s another awesome day and […]

Monika Mundell Video Take 31… and ACTION

Quiet please, quiet… Monika Mundell Video Take 31… and ACTION. Today was new video recording sessions. Moni has recorded new videos for her website Day 149 – July 29th. I was the Gaffer, or Key Grip, well not really, but we always joke at the titles when the movies finish and we read these […]