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Titanic Memorial Garden

Cobh and Titanic Memorial Garden

We had a few hours in Cobh as a return trip from Kinsale before heading on. Cobh has a lot of nautical history none more famous than the 1912 embarkation of 123 passengers to Titanic four days before Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. Day 1193 – June 7th 2017 We parked the car at the […]

Over Night in Kilkenny, Ireland

The drive from Dublin to Kilkenny was great, the weather was average and the photos did no justice. On arriving in Kilkenny we found our hotel for the night, Langton’s. Day 1191 & 1192 – June 5-6th 2017 Our room was very comfortable in this old-fashioned hotel. We had some time to relax before dinner […]

Andy in Dublin

Luck runs our way in Dublin. Today we were grateful for many things but none more than the chance to catch up with my Cousin Andy on our way through Dublin. Day 1191 – June 5th 2017 Having made our way over the border from Northern Ireland into the Republic of Ireland we made a […]